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DOA- Two Bridges, Chapter Nine, Part One
Part 9
Culture Of Dance
“And this is my great, great, great, great grandfather Fank. He inherited the Hotel after the Last of the Karticoo’s Dragons passed away, leaving the Hotel in his will to his dear long friend.” The Hotel Manager said; know as James Frank by most people, as he points upwards to the large lobby, with hundreds of old photos of the Hotel and formal staff members to his Darjeet guests.
      However, not all of the Dragon Seals was particularly paying attention to the history lesson, as most of the pack seemed more fascinated by the building itself. The lobby was huge, lined with red walls and guided tapestries. Most of the dark wood paneling was heavily engraved with various tribal markings all throughout the lobby. This place was far from something any Darjeet had ever seen before, and it held most of them in sheer bewilderment on how something as beautiful as this could exist naturally.
      “I can see most of
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Living In A Family Of Dragons Part 1
Authors Note: This is based on an RP me and Train and KM did so all of the charaters are not mine exspt Mike he is the only one that belongs to me.
:Story From the Past:
  Long ago Train best friend KM along with Spyro and Cynder the legendary purple dragon and black dragoness who saved the world from an evil doomsday, the four heroes had stopped an evil villain to find a green dragoness with a light blue mane and at her side was a small boy in a red jacket Spyro and Cynder knew this boy well he was orphaned a few years ago and taken under the care of Mia the gentle hearted dragoness. Train always wanted a son and was very found of the boy he didn’t mind living in a family of dragons and he loved being swallowed by Train and sleeping in his stomach so Train adopted the human like his own son, they both loved each other very much and Train and his new son would go on many new adventures.  
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Gabriel .D
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Centuries years ago in England, our home called earth was home known as Radiant Ord 'Kingdom of Light', all those people who live in here peaceful placed until now a darkness monster armies attack the kingdom, but only five knight warriors defeated them with power crystals an also dragons we'll join they're side. However the evil dragon names Mitexi and Maleforat from dimension, they plan to get crystal in the prism called: The Heart of Miracle and also a dark dragoness names Cynder back an destroyed the world. In ordered to defeat Mitexi, Maleforat and his dark armies, we need a new generation of heroes could stand force to fight off this new threat... With all that is set into play now where our story begins.
Intro Sense of Crystal Heroes

Prologue: Coming soon
Intro Sense (Crystal Heroes)
15 Centuries years ago, our earth was home known as Radiant Ord 'Kingdom of Light' to a greatest ruled of Kingdom of Light by Darrow the King and his soulmate name Jaen the Queen. Second in the line for the throne was their son was known as Dante the Prince. Where all of village are peaceful of place from a humans, Until something falling and crash land to the Kingdom, the villages find out what was it that, Its was a giant Crystal that came to the sky and something inside of the Crystal they are ten of them Crystal stones, nobody known where it come from, suddenly the guards bring the Crystal to the castle and find out what it is, why that giant Crystal doing here, Darrow and Jaen research the club' bout the crystal, but there are no researched figure that out, however the portal of vortex appeared out of nowhere front of them surprises. An something came from front of Darrow and Jaen, and saw a with they two eyes like never see before its a two large size 'Slayer' creature know as "Dragons", the king and queen didn't known the dragons has a gold ring top of they heads, they not only dragons they called them 'Guardian Angel Dragon' from another world called Angel Realm: (Eragon). First started: the right side of dragon with a blue furry its a male dragon name; Falcor The King of Guardian of Crystal and his mate a female dragoness with a ruby furry name Saphira The Queen of Guardian of Heart, Falcor wanted to talked the king and queen about this giant crystal and why its here. The Guardian Angel King Dragon call the Crystal name its 'The Heart of Miracles' its say; "This Heart of Miracle is the legendary only could have a powers who bond and trust these crystals while the ten regular ones were formed from pure good, the darkness couldn't touch the Crystals only work with pure light of dragons and also humans of pure hearts. If the darkness will take the Crystals well might Turing to pure dark of evil.", but the human like Darrow and Jaen didn't know that the crystals could bond the humans, If the Guardian Angel King said its truth so Darrow and Jaen could trust them agrees So Falcor and Saphira want to trust asked them to guard the Heart of Miracle. Few years later, everything change till awakening the Darkness name Dark Mitexi also his evil brother name Malefor and they army begin war attacked the villages, only five Knight Warriors willing step forward and using a crystals will have powers to stop the Darkest wars lucky Guardian Angel Dragons and Dragons from 'Warfang' we'll join the wars with the humans and defeat the Mitexi's and Malefor's army. Right an momented in the castle, three dragon known as Sapphire, Spyro and Cynder and one young teen knight named Dante rush in a hallway away form a darkness army, they want to the library while Dante shut the door when he holded five Crystal gems with his arm and replace them back to the 'Heart of Miracles' there five gems already inside of it an all ten of gems its safe unitl... Suddenly, Mitexi and Malefor just barge at the door that way they could sent the darkness the only one who has power of dark it's Cynder who belong to Malefor, he really want her and the gems. Dante, Sapphire protected Cynder and a gems from him and Mitexi, While Dante and Sapphire fighting with Mitexi and Malefor, Spyro used a symbol could opened a portal infront of it, Spyro wanted Cynder go the portal long with Heart of Miracles but she don't want to go, he doesn't have no choice so Spyro pushed Cynder to the portal long with gems right after the portal it's close when they are fight Mitexi and Maleforat Spyro join a battle with Dante and Sapphire. With all that is set into play now where our story begins.

[Please Comment]
Crystal Heroes Characters Part1
Name: Gabriel. Keeble

Nickname: Gabe/ Keeble

Age: 14-15

Brith: 09/07/95

Birthstone: Sapphire

Power: Ice❄

[Please Comments]
10 Year ago..
10 Year ago... How do I meet Sapphire..

When I was little, me and my mom at the park while I pretended as a airport around the park with goggle on my face. Gabriel Suddenly heard footsteps coming from the forest and he see the big sky blue unknown, Gabriel went to the forest while his mother not looking he had to find out who that unknown. A few minutes later, Gabriel went a little bit far away from a park, trying to searching that's sky blue unknown, however Gabriel look around of the deep forest like never been here before his mother told the story bout deep dark forest where animals who live in the wild if the story its ture that mean a wolf, bear or maybe tiger, he had to defend himself the forest. Suddenly he hear something behind the trees quickly turned around to see if the wolf, bear or tiger could find me, Gabriel feared step backward

Gabe: Hello? Is someone there?

But nobody answer. He then hears a footsteps sounding out behind him and Gabe step back again and again.

Gabe: I wish I had Guardian Angel to protect me.

The footsteps grew closer and closer until finally the person reveal themselves to Gabe as the dark shadow came out to the tree within the forest. Walking slowly forward front of Gabe saw very own eyes couldnt believe he see a big sky blue dragon, with a ring floating top it head?

Gabe: Oh.. My.. Gosh! A dragon, but how...

He step back started breathing heavily and his knees give way making him fall backwards to the grass. A dragon walking front of Gabriel slowly closer and closer.

Gabe: Please don't hurt me or eat me.

???: Calm down, I'm not gotta hurt or eat me.

Gabe: You're not?

???: Really I don't..

Gabriel getting up to the ground slower also take his goggle off his face and putting around his neck.

Gabe: *whew* thank goodness.

???: That's good.

Gabe: But one thing, I never see you as dragon before for real life, just like my fantasy story book..

???: Really, are they more other dragons around here?

Gabe: No, only you standing right infornt of me right now.

???: Oh.. So I'm only one alive here.

Gabe: I'm so sorry to hear that. But other people's never see dragon before for long long time..

???: It's okay, Umm.

Gabe: My name is Gabriel Keeble a human-being, but call me Gabe or Keeble if you want. What your?

Sapphire: I'm Sapphire The Guardian Angel Dragon.

Gabe: It's nice to meet you Sapphire, I hope we're be good friend with a dragon.

Sapphire: Yeah, me too.
The Icing on the Cake
Sapphire: Gabriel, what's that you holding?

Gabe: This is called 'The Icing on the Cake' , Sapphire.

Sapphire: The Icing on the Cake?

Gabe: Yeah, my dad call the name of it, my dad buy some ice cream after school over.

Sapphire: A Ice Cream? I thought you said your father say 'The Icing on the Cake' right? Are there have two names than one?

Gabe: No man, only my dad call the name of-it, but people's call the ice cream, they had three different kind of flavors; Vanilla Chocolate and Strawberry or other kind of flavor. Buy tomorrow after school, I'll promise I'll get The Icing on the Cake for you, okay Sapphire?

Sapphire: Alright, Gabriel. Promise

My OC: Gabe (c) Gabe15XD16

My OC: Sapphire The Guardian Angel Dragon (c) Gabe15XD16
DutchAngelDragonsFC Gabe15xd16
Happy Valentines Day
Ruby falling in love with Guardian Angel Dragon its.. Sapphire

Sapphire: Wait.. WHAT!?😲😲💓🐲
Crystal Heroes
This cover of my artwork is finally finished🎉🎉

Now the Prologue is coming soon...

Rated: 14; Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Violence, Strong Language, Blood
Gabe: Sapphire, who are they? And why that girl had a dragon? Did you know' bout this dragon somewhere before?

Sapphire: No Keeble, I haven't it see dragon.

Gabe: Are they supposed to be a 'new player' (friend)? Or another 'Crystal Warrior'? It's can't be Weird, right?

Sapphire: [nods]

Nicole: O.K. This is weird, right, Dew

Dew: [nods] Yeah it is weird. But what is Crystal Warrior?

Nicole: I dunno, Dew.

🎊🎊🎉🎉Happy birthday!! Nicole!!!🎉🎉🎊🎊
Crystal Chosens
Gabe Keeble age 14

Kitty Mota age 13

Kenichi Shikishima age 14

They are Crystal Warriors to protect of the Earth....

All we need more Crystal Warriors..
Friendship For Real Power Of Water
Kenichi: I know Shiro Its alive somewhere out there, I'm sure of it. 'Cause he best friend. Just like you, Shiro and Gabe, right?

Aqua/Akua: *nods* Yeah, Ken. Now let's go to the jungle and save those animals, Ken, your friend Shiro's waiting.

Kenichi: Right, my power its apart of water inside of me. Lets moved it!

Kenichi (c) Jungle Taitei (89)/ The New Adventures of kimba the white lion: Tezuka Osamu

Aqua/Akua (c) MY OC
Ruby of Flame
Ruby: I know you had a power of flame, didn't you, Kitty?

Kitty: [nods] Yes, I do.

Ruby: Shall we defeat them in once?

Kitty: If Gabe and Sapphire fight those monsters, so yeah, we can.

Hey guys!

If I've tell you guys' bout detail of this story, I'll give a little bit detail, okay?

[This is the next generation of "Crystal Heroes". In 15 years later in 2025. The 12 year old A young boy named Ash Keeble, His auntie Marie told him and his little sister name Namine all' bout they father and her mother and there friends are 'Crystal Heroes' protest the Earth form evil drakness its been 10 years. When the evil drakness its over forever, a few year later the evil master has return once again he want revenge of the Crystal Heroes, Spyro and Cynder. But the heroes aren't here anymore. The only one hero who can do, its Ash Keeble, he the key to save the world.]

Oh! Wait they more detail...

[Ash and friends have a missions in Africa, there missions at find leader of pride land its Kion. He the leader of the "Lion Guard" and also his friends too. Five member of the team are 'Fiercest' 'Bravest' 'Fastest' 'Strongest' and 'Keenest of Sight'. Which mean Ash and his Team member are 'Lightning of Thunder' 'Water' 'Flame of Fire' 'Forest of the Earth' and 'Sky of wind' just like the Kion's team, and his father's team. What if Ash and Kion will join (The Lion Guard) and (Crystal Heroes) together as the team? And what will Human, Animal and Dragon well bonding the crystal to connect with there hearts? Let's found out what 2017]

Here that all of have a detail.

If You guys have anything Question for me, I'll shall assist. (Review or Comment)

If you would like to submit some OCs, head over to my profile or PM to go to the story, or just type the name in the search bar, first name and last name.

{P.S. I'm not doing a Actor, Okay!? I just need a first and last name. only OCs}

I needed 'Four' OCs for my story. and submit, you dig!?

Thanks from Gabe15xd16



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